Veteran Investor, Syndicator, Developer, Project Manager and Bestselling Author

Jeffrey Poston has been called the "Big-Picture Guy". He heads the successful real estate syndication firm, Poston Investment Collective LLC, a lean company that is quick to pivot toward new development opportunities. He has also built a framework that enables him to start and fund new companies extremely efficiently and quickly.

Jeffrey is an international #1 bestselling author and the founder of an innovative medical cannabis capital fund. He has a diverse background of 40 years in engineering, program management, entrepreneurship, partnership syndication, and real estate investment and development. He is also a former Air Force officer and managed $4-25M high-tech R&D and scientific construction projects. He is intimately familiar with navigating government compliance requirements.

About Jeffrey

Since 1992, Jeffrey has bought and sold many distressed properties, created limited partnerships, and redeveloped multiple commercial properties. His ability to deliver is based on stellar project management, especially when things don't go as planned. The key to success is never really about the project but rather the project management team.

Jeffrey obtained an electrical engineering degree in laser optics. He is also a #1 International Bestselling Author. It is this unique combination of skills and talents that sets Jeffrey apart from anyone else in the field.



"I am impressed that Jeffrey is such a good listener, very accommodating as we go through the learning curve, very knowledgeable and NEVER pushy."
Carol T., Architect