The economic madness continues:

Big companies on the Dow and NASDAQ are halting dividends…we are NOT!

Big REITs are halting dividends AND devaluing their portfolio assets…we are NOT!

We have sold three projects at a profit during the pandemic. It wasn’t painless and it took some creative negotiations, but we succeeded:

  • Project 203 (Taos flip) got refinanced for a 34% ROI for our investor
  • Project 23 (ABQ flip) sold with 20% ROI to investors with seller financing
  • Project 700 (the gas station) finally sold with 8-10% ROI with some really creative financing

But the only way we were able to sell during the pandemic is because we bought them correctly and we were willing to negotiate creatively.

So here’s a slam-dunk wholesale project if you’re an investor with available cash or a Realtor who knows one:

  • I have a 58-unit hotel to be renovated into a 47-unit apartment
  • Purchase + Rehab price = 33% of ARV!!
  • Purchase $1.4M
  • Rehab $1.32M
  • ARV $8.5M
  • NOI $523K
  • Cap rate 6%


Q – Where is it?
A – 33% of ARV!!

Q – What’s the unit mix?
A – 33% of ARV!!

So if you can move fast, have cash with no contingencies, there’s a cool $2M in net profit for you. But you must close within 30 days.

But if you don’t have $2-3M sitting around…or if you don’t have the time, expertise or funds to run a rehab project by yourself, consider joining our Investment Collective on smaller projects:

New for 2020: Pool C Rehab Fund

I plan to do at least four flip rehabs through 2021, more if I can find them. Investors will get 20% ROI per year plus a 20% share of each flip’s net profit. It’s a two-year fund with a $5K minimum investment. The next rehab-flip starts in less than a month… and we’re buying at 38% of ARV!!

This is a limited offering though because we’re only raising $300K…and we can only take in 7 more unaccredited investors.

Click here for details or go to

You don’t have to be an accredited investor for this project, but you do have to fully understand the risks of real estate investing especially in a recession.

Remember, there’s safety in numbers for investors. Reduce your risk if you don’t have the time, money or experience to run a project alone. There’s never any pressure working with me. Schedule a phone call or if you’re in LA or New Mexico and ready to meet, let’s schedule a coffee meeting and talk business.

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